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Accessibility Audits and Feasibility

Assessment and reporting on existing built conditions, determining potential of existing assets.

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Training and Workshops

Informed and practical guidance for a more inclusive, resilient and connected built environment.

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Design and Renovation

Whether your space is new or old, we provide design solutions that can ensure your space can be accessed by all end users.

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Universal Design Consulting

Guidance on best practice and implementation of universal design strategies on projects, from hospitals to arenas to post-secondary institutions.

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Guidelines and Standards

Guidelines for municipalities and institutions looking to codify accessible and sustainable practice within the built environment.

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Research and Innovation

Comprehensive study of design that aims to better the human experience of space - from new strategies to new materials, we believe in exploring every option.

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Wayfinding Consulting

Our wayfinding services include collaborative strategy development, on-site assessments, signage and tender package reviews.

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Wellness Design Consulting

Bolster productivity while supporting tenant and employee retention through design that emphasizes wellness and sustainability.