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BDP Quadrangle’s Studio incorporates the firm's central tenets of creativity, accessibility, sustainability and collaboration in a bright and spacious contemporary office. This award-winning space spurred the transformation of its 1990s building into a creative hub, exemplifying how a holistic approach to design can revitalize a building.

Core members of the Human Space* team brought their expertise to the table when designing the Studio. Sustainability Strategist Michelle Xuereb worked with the BDP Quadrangle Interiors team to ensure that sustainability was embedded into every aspect of the project, from the creative reuse of materials taken from the old office to the installation of state-of-the-art daylight and motion sensing lighting systems.

Accessibility Champion Susan Ruptash led the process in making the Studio an exemplar for universal design principles. Going beyond minimum requirements and unpacking strategies around inclusion and accessibility, Susan’s vision was realized by the seamless integration between strategic accessible design elements and beautiful design.

Health and wellness for Studio members was also taken into consideration when the team strategically removed individual garbage containers and eating at workstations, encouraging movement away from the workstation and impromptu opportunities for collaboration. Studio members also benefit from the democracy of light; windows surround the perimeter and meeting rooms are glazed to ensure continuous access to natural light.

*Design led by BDP Quadrangle with support from Human Space

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