Roadmap to Net Zero

Project team

Sustainable Buildings Canada, Government of Canada, Enbridge Inc.




The Project

Human Space’s Sustainability Strategist Michelle Xuereb, along with BDP Quadrangle's Andrew Geldard, participated in the Roadmap to Net Zero challenge on behalf of Sustainable Buildings Canada. Made possible with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and funding from Enbridge, this project sought to identify pathways to net zero energy and carbon, net zero water and net zero waste.

The work included two full-day integrated design workshops, the publication of a report to summarize the findings as well as follow-up presentations to the stakeholders. The first charrette explored technical solutions to implementation, while the second charrette looked at the legal, financial, institutional, and regulatory barriers to adoption of the specific technologies identified, and suggested paths for remediation.

Michelle and Andrew were part of the technical advisory team, responsible for the preparation and co-facilitation of the two charrettes, integrating the contributions of 59 distinct organizations and over 100 individual collaborators. The team also modelled, diagrammed, and made recommendations for implementation. Michelle was additionally part of the communications strategy team that organized findings into the final web presentation format and presented the findings at BILD and CaGBC’s annual conference.

The team compiled a report of key findings and recommendations which was published by Sustainable Buildings Canada. Click here to view the full report and learn about the innovative design solutions proposed and potential barriers to adoption:

Michelle Xuereb was the vice chair on the board of Sustainable Buildings Canada for 2018-2019.

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