Providing expertise in the areas of accessibility, universal design, wellness, social resilience and community engagement, we work with a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors. Our expertise and guidance help placemakers create human-centered built environments.

Here is an overview of our service offerings.

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We assess existing built conditions of our clients’ properties and report on ways to incorporate accessibility, wellness, and/or resilience considerations to improve the user experience, unlock opportunities and maximize value.

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Whether you’re looking for guidance on implementing universal design strategies, future-proofing buildings against climate change, or hoping to bolster productivity and retention through wellness design strategies, we can provide consultation on any combination of our areas of expertise.

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In collaboration with Quadrangle, we produce original architecture and interior designs for a variety of building typologies, guided by our subject matter expertise.

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Through a collaborative process, we provide opportunities to bring people together from diverse abilities and perspectives, facilitating engagement and meaningful conversations to shape and inform designs.

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We develop guidelines and standards for our clients who are seeking to codify their accessible, sustainable, and healthy practices within the built environment.

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Our comprehensive design research aims to improve how people experience spaces and interact with the built environment while helping our clients and the broader industry to advance.

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We happily provide training to client groups who are looking to be educated on regulatory changes, innovative concepts and best practices towards a more human-centred built environment.