Wellness Ready

Wellness Ready

Wellness Ready

Buildings and spaces play a vital role in human health and wellbeing. As we begin the reopening of offices, retail, hospitality, education and community spaces, there is a lot of uncertainty about how this can be done safely and effectively.

In response, Human Space and Quadrangle are offering “Wellness Ready”, a program designed to help organizations successfully plan for reopening and realize the necessary shifts to create healthy environments. 

A flexible and holistic solution, our three-stage approach includes the following:

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Assessing your existing needs, spaces and systems.

Needs Analysis

  • Business requirements
  • Surveys and engagement
  • Organizational policies
  • Operational procedures
  • Maintenance and cleaning


Needs Analysis Report - current needs and areas for improvement

Space Review

  • Areas and use
  • Occupant densities
  • Common touch elements
  • Circulation and flow
  • Air quality and ventilation*


Space Review Report – current conditions and areas for improvement

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Defining protocol frameworks and spatial solutions.

Policy & Protocols

  • Organizational policies
  • Operational procedures
  • Maintenance and cleaning protocols


Policy & Protocols Report – used for implementation phase

Space & Systems Planning

  • Floor plan densities and distancing
  • Zoning and use reconfigurations
  • Circulation and directional flow
  • Wayfinding systems
  • Touch-free locations and technology*
  • Air quality and ventilation strategies*


Space & Systems Planning Report – used for implementation phase

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Implementing training needs, spatial interventions and performance metrics and monitoring.

Train & Inform

  • Policy & protocol training
  • Business communications
  • Performance metrics & monitoring


Wellness Ready Training - Appropriate personnel receive instructional training; business is prepared and informed.

Space Interventions

  • Space reconfigurations and modifications
  • Materials and product selection
  • Graphics and signage
  • Coordinate supply and install
  • Air quality and ventilation changes*
  • Performance metrics and monitoring*


Wellness Ready - Space updates and improvements; activate performance monitoring; delivery of Final Wellness Ready Report.

No matter what stage of the process you are in, we have a diverse team of specialists to advise on policies and protocols for health and safety, inclusion, building performance and design to help guide you as your needs evolve.

*Delivered through industry collaborators.